Thursday, May 26, 2011

Post Eastern & Western Championship Analysis

Since it's in the past, this will be the last time I reference the fact that I called virtually all the games for both the Eastern and Western NBA Championships.  A true VISIONARY will never gloat.

However, this may be a point where the heretics start listening.  After all, we've reached the NBA Finals.

First of all, with the NFL being the king of revenue and viewers, the NBA needed something special this postseason.  After all, you are not competing with the NFL, if all your Playoff games are aired on CABLE television.  While all NFL Playoffs as well as, the Superbowl are always aired on NETWORK television (FOX, NBC, CBS or ABC).  Yes, you can watch the NFL playoffs and superbowl if you own a working TV and Bunny Ears. luck.

OK!  I agree.  This has nothing to do with the upcoming NBA Finals between the Lakers and Heat.  CRAP!!  Sorry, I mean the Mavericks and Heat.  All is well, because I believe this matchup will be entertaining to an average BASKETBALL fan.

But, will this be entertaining to the less than average basketball fan?  The same folks who were conditioned by the media, since the beginning of the NBA season, to expect a Lakers/Heat Finals?  The same people who the sports media, had dedicate a late summer evening to wait in anticipation to find out where LeBron was going to play this season? 

Well, the NBA got half of what they wished for.  Holding true, the night LeBron sat in a Boys and Girls Club somewhere in middle America, and announced that he'd be joining Wade and Bosh with the Heat, was the NBA's ticket to some kind of positive income.  With that, it would be safe to say that the NBA was probably BANKING on the Heat making the Finals.

The Mavs, in my opinion, got to the Finals in a more traditional way.  The ultimate favorites coming out of the west, were obviously the Lakers, defending NBA Champs.  To keep pace with the Lakers, they made mid season personell moves to improve their team.  Although they didn't have the best record, end of season, their new team was able to make it's way through the playoffs, and into the Finals.

Now, hopefully, the NBA Finals matchup between the NBA's favorite, and a blue collar, no expectations team, turns into a matchup for the ages.  I hope so, especially when it is reality that the NBA is struggling to keep pace with the popularity of the NFL.

There are rumors that the NBA is in for a change this offseason.  Free agent superstars, such as Dwight Howard and Chris Paul, look to join other existing championship contenders like Kobe, Gasol and the Lakers.  Is this the direction the NBA wants?  Only a few teams with power? Is the NBA going to turn into a handful of teams, acting as the Harlem Globetrotters, while the rest of the league, acts as the Washington Generals?  Is this entertainment?  At least the Globetrotters allow the fans to have fun!

If the NBA, and their Me, Myself and I attitude continue, I see the league reducing itself to nothing but a novelty.  Therefore, I suggest that NBA fans prepare themselves for such events as the Lakers vs Heat PPV, Lakers vs Heat on Ice PPV, Lakers vs Heat with UFC XXX PPV, Lakers vs Heat with Wrestlemania 82, Lakers vs Heat IF Pacquiao doesn't KO Mayweather before 6 round PPV, etc.

Blah blah blah...the Oracle shall talk about Game 1 NBA Finals, when he feel like it!!


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